• Business translation
    Beeidigte Übersetzungen

What you can expect

When entering a new market, it is essential to find a good cooperation partner.
Whether what you need is a cooperation agreement or a joint venture, I will support you with contracts and correspondence with your business partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You will benefit not only from my skills as a translator, but also from my excellent knowledge of German business culture and solid general knowledge and understanding of technical matters.

Presentations, brochures, web texts and press releases should hit the right tone and be persuasive, regardless of the language.
As a specialist translator for German, English and Spanish, I am of course familiar with the vocabulary of Business and Management. I endeavour to develop solutions specific to the type of text and what is required for its target group. Your text will also benefit from my strengths, including my stylistically sure command of language and knowledge of how language works and what it can do.

What I offer

Articles oder memoranda of association, certifications of the Companies Register, minutes, confidentiality undertakings, employment agreements, business reports, yearbooks, market surveys, publications, press releases, company and event websites, company newsletters and magazines, articles from specialist journals…