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Complex contracts, highly technical reports, persuasive presentations, well-phrased articles and brochures – these are the kinds of sophisticated English texts that are part of the day-to-day legal and business environment of a commercial law practice with an international outlook. Presenting them to German-speaking readers requires not only specialist knowledge, but also demands a high level of skill and creativity from the translator.

A specialist legal and business translator must not only have a thorough command of the relevant specialist terminology, but also needs to have a deep level of awareness of and sensitivity to language as well as, sometimes, a creative relationship with it. So when I am translating a contract, I pay attention primarily, of course, to precision and to clarity of technical terms, while at the same time making sure that the translation reads well and is written with proper style.

As a specialist in company law, the clients you look after and advise include large companies and SMEs in Germany and around the world. Your corporate contracts in German, Spanish and English must not only be correct formally and in terms of their content, but they also need to be properly worded and tailored to the target group in the legal jurisdiction they are intended for.

I and my external partners engage in detail with your legal texts. Our efforts to provide you with optimal solutions may include researching background information and if necessary becoming more deeply acquainted with the particular area of law, and even, in case of doubt seeking the advice of legal experts – subject of course to confidentiality. This careful approach to your text and double-checking by qualified translators ensure that you will always, and regardless of the language, be talking about the “same contract”, and therefore that legal certainty is guaranteed.

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