• Translation of personal documents

    Beeidigte Übersetzungen

Getting personal

Your private documents deserve to be treated with utmost care and discretion and shall be translated according to the specific type of text. For example, if you

…need private correspondence to be translated into German or English while maintaining absolute confidentiality;

…are required to put your signature under a German real estate purchase contract and wish to understand what you are going to sign; or

…need a truly professional translation of your curriculum vitae…

I and my partners will be glad to assist you with your special needs. As qualified translators with many years of experience we translate exclusively into our own native languages. The result are translations which are correct in terms of form, content and style. Please ask for a non-binding price quote.

Specialisms and services

Non-official documents, documents required by national authorities, cover letters, CVs, references, letters of recommendation, private correspondence,