• Certified translations

    Beeidigte Übersetzungen

You need it certified?

Many public authorities, such as the Companies Register or register offices, as well as schools and universities, require certified translations of official documents.
As a certified translator for Spanish and English, I certify with my stamp and my signature that my translations are complete and correct – and will be recognised by the authorities in question not only in Berlin, but throughout Germany and even, as a rule, abroad, too.

What documents normally need to be translated by a certified translator?

These comprise, for example, certificates of birth, marriage, death, certificates of no impediment to marriage, judgments of dissolution of marriage.
These include school report cards, A-level certificates, degrees or diplomas of universitiy level as well as employers’ references and certifiates of good conduct.
In particular, driving licenses, identity cards, passports and any documentary proof of identity.
Among them, certificates of incoporation, articles of association, memoranda, minutes of shareholder meetings.
Examples include notarial deeds, such as authentication of signature, notarized purchase contracts, statements of claim, judgments, testimonials, opinons of counsels, forensic reports, documents for apotation proceedings.

Since, as a generally-certified translator, what I am certifying is the agreement of the translated document with the original, I will always need the original document; but it is sufficient for it to be shown to me when the translation is being collected. However, in Berlin, unlike in other federal states in Germany, a translator is not permitted to stamp the original.

I am registered with the British and US Embassies, which have samples of my stamp and signature.