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It’s worth it

The quality and success of what you are communicating often depends crucially on how clearly and precisely you put across ideas and facts. Legal documents and business papers especially need to be written paying attention to precision of terminology if they are to have legal validity and for your business partners to understand them. Translations of your documents must fulfil the same demands:


Unlike many translation agencies in the marketplace, which offer a wide range of languages and specialist areas, I have specialised in the German, Spanish and English languages and in the areas of Law and Business. This means that my clients are able to benefit from my specialist skills gained from more than twenty years of experience as a translator, as well as enjoying short and uncomplicated lines of direct communication, a competent contact person and constant high-quality translation.

Professional project management

I have always impressed clients by keeping absolutely to deadlines. This of course means that the work involved and time capacities available need to be realistically estimated in advance, based on many years of experience, and the same goes for estimating cost. At the same time, it is important for me that I stay in close consultation with the client so that I can react as quickly and flexibly as possible to any changes that may come up at short notice. But on the other hand, clients should allow for the fact that a certain amount of time is needed to get the best results.

Working with qualified partners

Ich arbeite nur mit qualifizierten Rechtsübersetzern zusammen, die über eine juristische Hochschulausbildung bzw. durch Berufspraxis erworbene Fachkenntnisse und langjährige Übersetzungserfahrung verfügen. Dabei übersetzen sie ausschließlich in ihre englische, spanische oder deutsche Muttersprache.

Double-check principle

To ensure and guarantee that translations are of consistently high quality, they are checked, following the double-check principle, by a second person, who is also a qualified specialist translator and has native speaker command of the original language. This second person is not only concerned with correct style, grammar and spelling, but also, and especially, with seeing that the translation is worded in a way that can be understood and that the correct technical terms are used throughout.

Confidentiality and security

When you are letting your sensitive data out of your hands, you want to be able to trust that they will be treated in absolute confidence. If you require, I will send you a signed confidentiality undertaking. I have entered into confidentiality undertakings with all the partners I work with, and possess a TC TrustCenter e-mail encryption certificate.

Translation software

I work with the translation tool across™. Using this software allows me to monitor central terms constantly, thus ensuring consistency of terminology, which is so important, especially for contracts. It also often has the advantage of significantly reducing the cost of amendments to previously-translated documents. Client-specific databases created with similar tools by other manufacturers can in many cases be integrated using an exchange format.